window positioning question

Horn Gabor Horn.Gabor at
Thu Jun 6 23:55:16 CEST 2002

2002-06-04, k keltezéssel edscott wilson garcia ezt írta:

First, thanks for your help and advices Edscott!

> Xfglob is set to open at mouse position, since it is most usefully
> called from xftree since by doing have the search path automatically
> set. But your comment is well taken and in xfce4 there should be some
> enhancement in that respect.

Okay i see, i'll wait for xfce4 then! Is there any roadmap for xfce4? I
know it will be released 'when it's ready' :), but is there any
semi-official plan for the release of xfce4?..:)

> Try starting application with geometry specification, like 
> "-g 1+1+50x50" to open a window a (1,1) of size (50,50)

xfglob -g 100+100+200x200 --> doesn't make any difference (i gues
because it uses the mouse position),
xchat -g 10+10+400x400 --> xchat doesn't start at all if i add this
parameter :/


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