Taskbar again

Staszyszyn, Marcin mstaszyszyn at heiler.com
Mon Jun 3 14:33:12 CEST 2002

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> Sent: Saturday, June 01, 2002 3:42 PM
> Subject: Taskbar again
 > Would the author of the taskbar code be willing to supply me a simple
> change, or at least point me to the appropriate code modules where I
> could make the change myself?
> I love using the taskbar, but I would like to see it open
> automatically when the panel appears (or when it is added to the
> panel, however that is done).
> xfce 3.8.18 with the taskbar addtion is so stable that I don't mind
> being stuck with a one-off variant for a long time.

 Please be patient and wait a few (2-3) days. I am finishing new version of
 taskbar with new features. Among them is a possibility of saving  taskbar
 Other features:
 - configurable right-click pop-up menu wiht options to close, minimize or
 stick a window
 - 'taskjar' - a place where you can 'put' rarely used windows. It saves
 space on taskbar for more important windows
 - possibility of seeing on taskbar only current desk's windows
 - respect for WindowListSkip flag
 ... and mayby somthimg more I have forgotten here

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