window positioning question

Horn Gabor Horn.Gabor at
Sun Jun 2 23:24:49 CEST 2002


I have a little problem under xfce, but not sure if it's my fault or the
xfce's. Here's the problem:

Every time i start certain applications (eg. xfglob or xchat) they
appears in a strange way. Eg. xfglob always appears on the left-bottom
end of the screen, and the half of it is 'out' of the screen, it
overlaps the panel, etc. Every time i have to grab it and move it to the
center of desktop (where i like it to be). No matters if i close it
there, the next time i start it it's again at the left-bottom :( It's a
bit annoying. 

I know there's a MArgin thing in the $HOME/.xfce/xfwmrc file, and i have
set it:

Margin Top     0
Margin Left    0
Margin Right  80
Margin Bottom 70

So if i maximize the app, it doesn't overlap the panel (and there's some
space at the right for the icons too). 

XChat too, every time i start  it it starts on another location. (The
first server selection panel appears on the left-top of the screen, but
after selecting a server and hit connect the new window which contains
the channels, etc appears on a random place...and in 90% of cases its
upper border is out of the screen...i know i can move it with alt-f7
every time, but it's annoying too).

I do something wrong, or it behaves the same way for you? I the second
case i'd like to ask if it's possbile to implement:

1, either ALL new window should appear on the center of the screen (and
in the size it wants)

2, or the wm should remember the position of and application, and if a
start it, then moves it away, then quits from it, the next time i start
it it should appear in its last position?

3, maybe we could be able to choose between the two behaviour?..:)

thanks, hirisov

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