[Xfce-i18n] "Denting" in a xfce.org site string

Besnik Bleta bbleta at otenet.gr
Mon Jan 27 11:24:54 CET 2020


There’s a string in xfce.org which goes:

“We hope you will enjoy this release. Please give us feedback by
sharing your thoughts, blogging, tweeting, denting or by filing bug
reports. With your help, 4.10 will be the best release ever (at least
until 4.12)!”

I’d like to ask about the meaning of “denting” here. Is it short for
“write a message in Identi.ca”? Or is it suggesting to people “even
write thing which might make us feel denting”, according to this
meaning of denting given from Cambridge English Dictionary online:

“If you dent someone's confidence or pride, you make them feel less
confident or proud: 
  His confidence was badly dented when he didn't get the job.”


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