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Ilija Ćulap ilija.culap14 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 20 21:00:41 CET 2020

I really dont know what to do. I opened the file in Geany and looked for
those lines, but i really donot know what to do. Problem is that there are
msgid, msgid_plural, msgstr[0], msgstr[1] and msgstr[2]

Ilija Culap

Am Do., 20. Feb. 2020 um 20:06 Uhr schrieb Rafael Fontenelle <
rafaelff at gnome.org>:

> Hi Ilija
> Em qui., 20 de fev. de 2020 às 15:47, Ilija Ćulap
> <ilija.culap14 at gmail.com> escreveu:
> >
> > Hi guys. I received many mails from transifex, that my commit isnt
> accepted.
> >
> > ====
> > msgfmt: po/hr.po.new: warning: PO file header fuzzy
> >                       warning: older versions of msgfmt will give an
> error on this
> > po/hr.po.new:13: warning: header field 'Project-Id-Version' still has
> the initial default value
> If you open the translation file in an text editor (e.g. Mousepad,
> vim, nano, etc.), you should see that in the line 13 there is the
> field Project-Id-Version. The warning message is to say "change it, do
> not keep the default value". Consider renaming with the project name
> (e.g. Mousepad). Note this is a warning, not an error, but it is nice
> to not use the default value.
> > po/hr.po.new:233: number of format specifications in 'msgid_plural' and
> 'msgstr[0]' does not match
> In line 233, there is placeholder mismatch. For instance, if msgid[0]
> has a "%s", the msgstrg[0] should have too. Likewise, if msgid[0] does
> not have a "%s", msgstrg[0] should not have it. If you missed it,
> "msgfmt" will complain about it. Placeholders like "%s" are variables,
> which will receive values like number or a string that can be seen
> when using the software.
> You can fix this using an text editor, a Gettext-compatible editor or
> even Transifex, but to find the specific line an text editor might be
> the easiest way
> > po/hr.po.new:219: number of format specifications in 'msgid_plural' and
> 'msgstr[0]' does not match
> Same explanation as above.
> Cheers,
> Rafael Fontenelle
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