[Xfce-i18n] Getting started with translations (Dutch)

Pjotr Vertaalt pjotrvertaalt at gmail.com
Fri Feb 14 10:15:53 CET 2020

Hello Elishai,

First of all: thanks for participating in this discussion in a
respectful and constructive way. Rather a relief after the insults of

You're quite right in what you say. It's a community effort by
volunteers and nobody owns it. Which is very good, among other things
because it decreases the vulnerability of the project.

But this immediately raises the question: how to prevent potential
damage? In the end, the translation quality isn't served by simply
letting everybody that wants to, loose on the translations.

Some sort of quality control is essential, I think. Certainly after a
translation has reached the 100 % mark.

One can also see that in other open source projects. GitHub is even
especially structured for that: anybody can make a *pull request* for
code for a GitHub project, but not everybody can *commit* that code.

Unfortunately, Transifex isn't as well equipped for dealing with the
difference between "pull requests" and "commits" as, for instance,
Launchpad is. That's why I invite people who want changes in existing
Dutch Xfce translations, to *email* me their improvement propositions.

Email doesn't have to be as clumsy an instrument as it may seem, by
the way; you can also pull the .po file of the package you wish to
alter from Transifex, edit it locally with Poedit and add the edited
.po file as attachment to your email.

I repeat: I welcome all improvement suggestions. I can assure
everybody that I'll treat those with the respect and the open mind
that they deserve.

Regards, Pjotr.

2020-02-14 8:22 GMT+01:00, Elishai Shkury <e1907 at mm.st>:
> Hello
> Again, If I may add my two cents...
> Your work is appreciated and your protective attitude towards your
> translations is understandable.
> But at the end of the day, we are volunteers translating Xfce, not owning
> it.
> Regards,
> Elishai
> On Fri, Feb 14, 2020, at 12:07 AM, Pjotr Vertaalt wrote:
>> Well, I must say that I find this message undeserved and even offensive.
>> I've taken on the Dutch Xfce translations almost a decade ago, in 2011
>> to be exact. At that time, they were in a bad state: very incomplete
>> and riddled with poor translations.
>> On my own, I brought them up to 100 %, literally after months of hard
>> work. Since then I've maintained them at 100 %. On several occasions,
>> Dutch Xfce users have thanked me for taking care of what they saw as
>> fine Dutch translations of Xfce.
>> After nearly a decade of untiring dedication to the Dutch translations
>> of Xfce, I don't think I deserve this kind of rude treatment from
>> anybody.
>> I'm open to constructive criticism concerning my translations; in fact
>> I welcome it. But I also have to take care that existing translations
>> don't become degraded.
>> One of the shortcomings of Transifex is, that it's not as easy to
>> propose new translations as in Launchpad. That's why I ask people to
>> mail me their propositions.
>> Regards, Pjotr.
>> 2020-02-13 19:48 GMT+01:00, Benno Schulenberg <bensberg at telfort.nl>:
>> >
>> > Can someone please remove Pjotr from his position of power?
>> > A position he misuses to obstruct improvements.
>> >
>> > Benno
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