[Xfce-i18n] Important notice: Merging i18n lists

Vinzenz Vietzke vinz at vinzv.de
Sun Nov 5 18:40:09 CET 2017

Dear translators,

as you might have read we're currently trying to straighten up
translation processes. There was a discussion on this topic at the dev list:

This includes the merge of mailing lists for different languages. The
idea is to get more activity on one list and to avoid fragmentation.
Please use xfce-i18n for future questions, feedback and discussions.
Adding a tag like [EN] or [FR] or the respective code for your language
to your email topic makes it easier for others to sort mails. So please
use that as well if needed.

All i18n mailing lists besides xfce-i18n itself will get closed in 7
days at 2017-11-12.
For any questions or problems please don't hesitate asking!

Thanks for your time,

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