[Xfce-i18n] Releasing coordinator role in Xfce Hebrew

Genghis Khan genghiskhan at gmx.ca
Thu Sep 8 12:41:05 CEST 2016

* BCC'ed to a very old web friend ;)


I am not yet leaving the translation task, but I am leaving my current
status as a coordinator.  At the end, I will cease from translating
Xfce, and leave the team in favor of other projects.

I would like to thank to all, Jannis Pohlmann, Nick Schermer, and Mike
Massonnet for being an "open ear", and taking many moments to listen
and read my messages, even after there were extraordinarily strange,
annoying, childish, and inglorious correspondences from the end of some
of the Hebrew translators, including myself, several years ago.

I don't think that without your willingness to listen to me and other
translators, Xfce Hebrew was where it is today, which is far better.

Eventually, we had Elishai Eliyahu joining the Xfce Hebrew translation
team, who have rapidly made a good work in filling Hebrew strings all
over Xfce; and even when we don't always have agreements, nor even have
the best phraseology, we get along well and compromise respectively and
even willfully (I still think Launch should be translated to Launch
and not to Activate, but it's okay  ҇_ ҇).

We still have plenty of strings to refine and even adopt strings of CLI
to console interface so that they would not be displayed reversely.

Not that it is something that I can determine subjectively, but I think
that Elishai Eliyahu is open a responsible enough to manage the members
of the Hebrew translation team and he would be a great contributor for
Xfce, as he has been until today.

Nevertheless, I will still use Xfce as my main home desktop and I will
shout once I would notice that translation gets into a totally wrong
direction ;-)

Thank you Elishai, it was a big pleasure to work with you.


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