[Xfce-i18n] msgfmt --check error

Slavko linux at slavino.sk
Thu Feb 26 18:16:55 CET 2015

Hi all,

recently i gen email about error in PO file formating and I have one
question and one suggestion about it. Here is the part of message:

Commit of the by you modified translation was not successfull.

msgfmt --check, reported the following issue:

po/sk.po.new:778: 'msgstr' is not a valid C format string, unlike 'msgid'. Reason: The string ends in the middle of a directive.
msgfmt: found 1 fatal error

Please resolve this issue at transifex.com; for now your translation will
be skipped.

First the question:

Will be corrected translation automatically merged, or is some
effort needed, please?

Next the suggestion:

I found this message as terrible, because i was not able to identify
the failed string from it and then i was unable to correct it (i
changed the percentage word to the percentage symbol) in the transifex
interface. To i can identify failed string i need to download the POT
file, take look at the line 778 to find string and then correct it in
the web interface.

My suggestion is based on assumption, that this message is generated
by some script, then it can be simple to modify the script to send this
failed line (and perhaps 1-3 lines before and after it) in notification
email, to anybody can simple search particular script via the web
interface and correct error by simple way.


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