[Xfce-i18n] about orage... and dispears

Raphael Groner projects.rg at smart.ms
Mon Mar 24 21:32:14 CET 2014


you can always get the latest translations from git.xfce.org cause
Transifex will automatically push new submission to there. As you said,
french seems to be complete, so you have simply to replace the fr.po
file in your local file system with the new one from git, there you go!


If there are still untranslated elements, you should consider to report
that as a bug, cause it seems to be hard coded and untranslatable.


Am Mon, 24 Mar 2014 20:40:01 +0100
schrieb dYp <d.y.p at free.fr>:

> hello everyone,
> I'm probably dumb (and french... it explains) but in Orage, when I
> open the preferencies window I have tabs and some items in english
> (and I'm french damned).
> I see the fr translation is 100% finished. I would like to translate 
> this window items... how can I ? or is anyone can tell me where to
> find the file to change ?
> thanks for your patience. I'm working on HandyLinux (Xfce in) distro
> and we need this to be very dumbastic french users friendly (as me).
> good day

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