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Hi All,

First of all I would like to thank the entire FUEL Project community for
their greater contributions to the success of the initiative we started
five years ago. With the help of community volunteers and organizations we
have achieved remarkable milestones through our journey till date.

Building the language standards in the open source and making it freely
available in the open domain is one of our motto behind starting FUEL
Project. Our objective is to establish a common and universal platform to
support continued development and adherence of GILT standards by building
the consensus for it's development, establishment and promotion with the
help of community and organizations working towards the aim of
democratization of content and wider awareness and acceptance of these

The FUEL GILT Conference 2013 is being organized by Red Hat and C-DAC GIST.
In this conference we are gathering industry localization experts,
linguists, internationalization engineers, testing professionals working
towards language technologies.

Participants would get a chance to network all the localization experts
working in the industry as well as able to grab more opportunities
available in this domain. There would be learning for the beginner
localizers as well.

Keeping these objectives in mind we have identified following tracks for
the papers:

    1. Globalization, Language and Translations (Something that showcase
the importance of language, culture, it's role in the modern life, etc.)
    2. Standards: Linguistic resource (work towards Terminology, Glossary,
Dictionary, Style Guide, Unicode, CLDR, FUEL Modules, Script Grammar, etc
would lead into this category of development.)
    3. Tools & Technologies (An effort in the direction of development of
translation management systems, Rendering Systems, Quality Assessment
tools, Fonts, Input Methods, etc. would lead into this category.)
    4. Localization in FOSS (The volunteer localization efforts in the FOSS
world, how they contribute, what they contribute, etc would fall in this
    5. Open Track (Anything related to GILT and relevant matter could also
be considered provided we get a space to allocate you a slot.)

For more details about the conference, its venue, registration and paper
submission please visit here:


Please feel free to write to us if you need any information regarding the


Rajesh Ranjan

*FUEL GILT Conference 2013*

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