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Yaron, I am not willing to communicate with you in a non-public manner
ever since I experienced the time wasting and disturbance while working
on Squeeze of Xfce http://squeeze.xfce.org/


Herein a disturbing (to me) message (attached) from Yaron.

The letter is proliferated with Hebrew slang. Do not be surprised by
it. I reject every claim which is directed at my thoughts, views and

Begin translated text.

To remind you the disparagement started from you, I have asked what is
your Hebrew level, you entered into defensive as if I try to humiliate
you on that that you are not good at Hebrew and you started to attack
me on personal basis while ignoring completely from my work at the
various field of open source and my experience in software translation
and in general.

How exactly do you expect that I will treat you? in the respect that
you deserve? because you present yourself as a lawyer? you are like
everybody else, you won't behave in respect you won't have others
respecting you.
Lord yourself over myself and backup your linguistic pretension by
„comments“ of users when the PAZAM (פז״מ - minimum period of time) of
yours is a lot shorter than my PAZAM and you are even aware of it, how
in your opinion it looks that a new soldier is arriving to the base and
starts to give orders? people bow and say amen? if the dear soldier
wants to become a commander, may he learn the rules, show correctness
that he understands the existing rules and, not ruin work of like those
who were before him and and then only he will really merit he will be
given to be promoted at the scale of the ranks but no one is being
recruited to the military as a Chief of Staff and it is applied also on

I have toiled many years to introduce certain rules at the open source
that are promoting equality and based on extensive linguistic
researches that I arranged while reading dozens of articles, meetings
and discussions with linguistics in the theme of Hebraic lingo,
correspondence on a regular basis with editors of HSpell, we will add
to that the fact ploughed and I still plough the Hebrew Language site
(safa-ivrit) to a level of the creation of mutual friendship
connections with the site editor due to flow correspondent.

Does it seems to you that I will let to every one who knows to speak a
little Hebrew to come and to introduce rules as he sees fit? I am very
happy to teach, less happy that editors that lack of concept think they
can teach me because this how they were taught at the junior (cynically
referring to "junior high school") of Microsoft that incidentally (by
the way) also there I have deep connections and also in the crew of
Apple to Hebrew.

I presume you have understood the head (referring to mind), there are
no games (referring to affairs) of honor, I am a volunteer, like
everybody else, only in contradiction to you I was left over to clean
all the mess that translators did and still do during all these years,
because I care, I really care, this (the matter) that you come and
throwing to me that incidentally that I based on your translations from
Ubuntu is precisely what makes me not to respect your work, you have
translated and when it was a little comfortable to you, you abandoned,
I was not left to enjoy from the seeds that you reaped, I came to turn
the field and to sow over again, you really have not done to me a favor.

In brief, I have nothing personal against you, act like a Son of Man
(Human, in Hebrew) and see how my attitude changes at 180 degrees.

Good luck.

End translated text.

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