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Am 15.01.2013 19:45, schrieb Genghis Khan:
> Typos
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> valueable > valuable

Patch prepared, thanks.

> Missing Notes for translators
> -----------------------------
> Reference: weather-config.c:592
> What is current?

It means "existing at the moment", or here: "valid at the moment" or 
perhaps "used at the moment". This refers to the fact that the original 
Fahrenheit scale was a bit different. The current Celsius scale is 
different from the original one too, namely reversed, because it had 
freezing and boiling points swapped around (water froze at +100°C and 
started to boil at 0°C).

> Reference: weather-config.c:841
> What is Summer Simmer Index?

This is an index similar to the Heat Index, but usually used at night 
because of it's alleged higher accuracy at night time.

http://donsnotes.com/reference/temperature-index.html has a list and 
explanations for various indexes.


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