[Xfce-i18n] [Bug 7551] incorrect german translation for smart placement setting

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--- Comment #3 from Fabian Nowak <timystery at arcor.de> 2011-11-06 20:37:02 CET ---
did you look at the source code? smart placement is meant for small interfaces
to fill in available room. it's not a meaningful idea to smart-place your
browser, you would mostly want it centered on your desktop. so did you really
try? I did, and it behaves as translated:

I start a 80x25 character urxvt terminal, which is only placed smart if the
threshold is sufficiently small or set to zero, the left-hand side. 

this really makes sense because smart placement is not an idea for "large" GUI
applications auch as browsers and email clients but only to fill in available
room. There are two additional options which might have confused you though:
for  trying out the above-described scenario, I set to "set to middle by
default", however, the behaviour varies very much when setting to "follow mouse

the English text is written by a French programmer, so never trust the English 
text but only the soruce code and the behaviour you found out.

You can test more and file a bug report against the orginal string and add a
more meaningful tooltip explanation, though.

I know that the behaviour that the zero value enables completely is hard to
understand, tofind out and poorly documented. 

For such questions, please use the xfce user list or the German translation
team, not bugzilla, which is for real bugs. Also, translators are mostly listed
top of the po files  (those who only use transifex for translating are not, but
that's thei own fault).

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