[Xfce-i18n] Proposal for a new mailing list for translation coordination

Henrique P. Machado zehrique at xfce.org
Sun Dec 18 08:23:07 CET 2011

Hi, there.

As some of you know, I am the coordinator for Portuguese (Brazilian)
translations and as briefly exposed on the subject of this discussion
I'd like to show you, below, my reasons for the creation of an
"xfce-pt_br" or "xfce-br" l10n mailing list:

1. In june/2011, I were nominated pt_BR translation coordinator (and
since then I'm very proud of if);
2. As you can notice in Xfce's Transifex instance, since this, we got
some new people willing to help us with translations;
3. When someone join our team, I send an e-mail to the candidate
asking him/her why he/she want to translate Xfce and if he/she have
some previous know-how from other translation projects and ask if
he/she can tell something about his/her professional life, just to
know a little more about our future member, send my congratulations
and by the end I aprove the candidate;
4. Assuming that we have a lot of contributors now, we will need to
establish some roles in our team, because we have a person working
exclusively with the localisation of Xfce main site; I would like to
have regular meetings with our team to distribute some work and not
just focus at the translation of the program modules only. IMHO, we
need people working on every part of the project that needs
localisation. And for this reason we need everyone talking the same
language at a local mailing list to improve and speed up our work;
5. Last but not least, I'd like to know if I or someone with greater
credencial at Xfce Foundation, could set up an IRC channel called
#xfce-br just to better help Brazilian users that don't speak English
and for our team interaction also.

I hope I've not been too prolix and bothered you with my words, but I
want the best for our team (here I talk as the whole) and would like
to pave the way for the next coordinator, when we need a switch.

Wishing all the best for everyone on Xfce,

King regards.

Henrique P Machado

zehrique at xfce.org
Twitter: @zehrique
OpenPGP Keys: 0CE49BAA

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