[Xfce-i18n] Request for translators group.

Diego Molina diegoaugustomolina at gmail.com
Sat Jan 23 20:08:58 CET 2010

Hello, I'm Diego Augusto Molina (account diegom) and I want to
participate in the translation to Argentinian Spanish (es_AR). I've
seen and told this has been dead for a long time and I want to
reemerge it.

KDE is now KDE4, a huge collection of colorful stuff moving around,
annoying you and making it hard to see what you really want. GNOME is
similar in that way, but I like it even less from the very beggining.
After my gentoo machine claimed an almost violent upgrade to KDE4
(KDE3 branch is now unsopported by upstream), I researched some
desktops that doesn't force me to be what they want me to be. OpenBox
and others I tried and saw they were just too young or too ugly. I
finally got to install Xfce, and it felt kind of a nice. Some things
are to be made yet (like the dead menu editor), but it is easier to
build upon a wide and free platform rather than trying to make KDE4
work without all it's shit (sorry, I had to say that).

I want to collaborate with this project and make it a little nicer, a
little more human. We Argentinians (as other American countries -yes,
America is bigger than the USA, some say it is a continent!) have a
curious slang which comes from the Colonial Ages that "adds" a single
second person pronoun: "vos", an evolution of "vuesa merced". We use
this thing in friendly or familiar occasions, and when you are a
sysadmin and look at a computer for a long time in the day, you really
want to see something familiar.


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