[Xfce-i18n] First Romanian updates for Xfce 4.6

Maximilian Schleiss maximilian at xfce.org
Fri Feb 20 23:54:43 CET 2009

Mișu Moldovan a écrit :
> Hi,

> I'm the Romanian language maintainer and I've just started working on
> the 4.6 packages. Please commit the attached diffs. Thank you.
> Is it possible to get a SVN account to ease my job? 

to start and easing the job you could send us a unified diff patch 
instead of creating multiple patches. To do so, get the xdt-i18n script 
form the i18n.xfce.org website, read my mail from two hours ago to the 
Russian translator.

And maybe an
> xfce.org mail alias if I'm not asking for too much... I've been
> translating Xfce in Romanian since the 4.2 RC days.
I have seen your name before in the translations. Please be patient for 
the svn account and in the meantime, send us your patches so we can 
commit your work for the 4.6 release.

> Thanks,

Best regards,

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