[Xfce-i18n] Terminal translation issues

Fabian Nowak timystery at arcor.de
Sun Feb 1 16:11:12 CET 2009

Hey Terminal developers and translators,

when trying to translate "Escape sequence", the German translation team
noticed after a long debate on how to translate that string properly
that actually the English string itself seems to be wrong:

The terminal erase bindings type has auto, ascii_del, delete,
ascii_backspace in that very order, the combo boxes have auto, ascii
del, escape sequence, and control-h in that order.

Besides, the handling in terminal_screen_update_binding_backspace does
not respect the order and makes reading the program text very difficult.
Anyway, apart from that, there's only a few people being left that know
what  control-h might be, but most understand the meaning of the names
of the bindings type, and an escape sequence may be anything, but not in
particular the delete sequence. Similarly, Ctrl-D should be used for
delete when using Ctrl-H for backspace, I think.

So I'd suggest updating the terminal-preferences-dialgo.c to insert 
"Auto-detect", "ASCII DEL", "DEL" / "Regular DEL" / "Ordinary DEL" and
"BACKSPACE" / "ASCII BACKSPACE", that directly explains what is meant
and hides the intrinsics of how a backspace is interpreted or sent to
the terminal - who cares about that in nowadays times?

Thanks for consideration,

German translation team / Fabian

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