[Xfce-i18n] Man page instead of terminal --help

Nick Schermer nickschermer at gmail.com
Sun Dec 13 10:02:39 CET 2009

And also to ml... including link.

2009/12/13 Christoph .J Thompson <cjsthompson at gmail.com>:
> It really looks like there's indeed a whole lot of help text in the help output of Terminal. Why not just shave some of this off and move it to the man page. And still keep a shortened --help output. I often use --help just as a quick reminder of the name of options because I don't want to sift through the whole manual page.

Well the help page starts with a summary section, so that should make
it quite readable.

This is the generated html from the options section:

> While I'm at it, I also noticed there were some missing tooltips in Terminal. I attached a patch that fixes that.

Please attach the plain patch in bugzilla.

> Furthermore, I patch my terminal to use the standard utilities-terminal icon instead of Terminal's default icon so it looks more consistent with my chosen icon theme. Would there be any objections if I provide a patch that changes the default terminal icon to be hicolor's utilities-terminal icon instead of being 'Terminal' ?

Sounds good, also a bug in bugzilla please.


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