[Xfce-i18n] Parole translation

Harald Servat redcrash at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 15:37:25 CET 2009

Hello Ali,

  thank you for the heads-up. I've updated the catalan translation.

  Regarding the about dialog topic, I've seen that other *po files have (see
[1]) a "translator-credits" string which are intended to hold the
translators that worked in that project.


[1] https://translations.xfce.org/projects/terminal/master/view/doc/po/da.po

2009/12/10 Ali Abdallah <aliov at xfce.org>

> Hi,
> I had to add a new string to the settings dialog, i'm sorry, it was
> unavoidable, it is to give an option to disable screen saver resetting,
> could you please update your translations as BTW if everything goes fine we
> will release the version 0.2 next week.
> Also if you add a new translation, drop me a mail so i can add your name in
> the about dialog, usually i'm watching xfce-commits, but just in case.
> Thanks so much,
> Best Regards,
> Ali.
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