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Gabriel gabriel at opensuse.org
Sat Aug 1 02:38:56 CEST 2009

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Hello all,

I was reading about the method you use to send your translations, and I
would like to offer a tool to make the job easier, for translators and

Currently this tool is used by some of the openSUSE translation teams
(as community collaboration in openSUSE is kind of new, we don't have an
official way to manage the work yet)

A quick review:
The tool is hosted at http://www.vertaal.com.ar/, currently is only able
to work with subversion repositories only.

Is it possible to manage multiple releases and components.

The files are assigned to a translator (and optionally a reviewer),
there is an action history and individual stats.

The users translators doesn't need to interact with the svn, they
download the file directly from the web (it is also possible to make
quick edits online). When the file is upload a notification is send to
the team coordinator (or project maintainer), who have commits rights,
and perform the commit online too.

If you want to test it, the test application is http://test.vertaal.com.ar

normal user (user/pass): demo/demo
team coordinator (user/pass): coorddemo/demo (to see the commit interface)

Quick user guide: http://code.google.com/p/vertaal/wiki/UserQuickGuid

If you think it could be useful to your project, I can host it along
with oS, or you can host the application by yourself as it is GPL v3  :-)

- --
Kind regards.
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