[Xfce-i18n] _X-XfceSettingsName not getting 'expanded' with translations in .desktop files

Stephan Arts stephan at xfce.org
Tue Oct 14 23:01:27 CEST 2008

On Tue, Oct 14, 2008 at 10:44 PM, Alexander Toresson
<alexander.toresson at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I just noticed that _X-XfceSettingsName won't get expanded to
> X-XfceSettingsName[LANGCODE] in trunk and thus translations of the
> entries in the settings manager fall back to using _GenericName, and
> are thus needlessly long.
> I also took a look at how .desktop files are generated from
> .desktop.in files, and as the process does seem to be done by intltool
> (by invoking @INTLTOOL_DESKTOP_RULE@), is this a bug in intltool?

Yes, this bug is fixed in intltool 0.40.4.

xfce4-dev-tools patch the scripts generated by versions of intltool < 0.40
For anything in between, that can't be helped and need to be fixed in
your distro.


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