[Xfce-i18n] Norwegian updates for trunk

Maximilian Schleiss maximilian at xfce.org
Tue Nov 18 23:38:18 CET 2008

Le mardi 18 novembre 2008 à 23:26 +0100, Terje Uriansrud a écrit :
> Hello,

> Please apply this translation patch for norwegian bokmål.
> Contains fixes and updates for xfce4-session, thunar, terminal,  
> libxfcegui4 and xfcalendar.
your patch applied perfectly and will be committed within the next
couple of minutes.

> If you grow tired of applying my pathces ;) - please consider my recently  
> submitted application for an svn po-xfce account.
I don't have control over the accounts so you will have to wait
patiently for an answer which you will surely get soon.

> -- 
> Best regards
> Terje

Best regards,

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