[Xfce-i18n] Update of German translations for some Goodies

Maximilian Schleiss maximilian at xfce.org
Sun Nov 9 20:49:28 CET 2008

Le lundi 03 novembre 2008 à 23:02 +0100, Fabian Nowak a écrit :
> Hey all, hey Max,
Hey Fabian,

> let's see how the patch applies this time or whether I will have to
> resend it as well ;)
it applied correctly except for the screenshooter plugin which has seen
an update lastly. You can send me an updated patch or wait for me to
update it for you (you might be faster at that though ;-p)

> By the way, the timer-plugin ist not listed in the translation stats.
There is an email address at the bottom of the stats page.

> For the wavelan-plugin, the translation did not appear on my testing
> system; seems like some LOCALE_DEFINITIONS or gettext calls are missing?
File a bug report for this one, could be that it just needs to be
changed in the configure file or makefile, don't remember which one...

> Regards
> Fabian

Best regards,

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