[Xfce-i18n] I18n Module maintenance

Stephan Arts stephan at xfce.org
Mon Nov 19 09:07:31 CET 2007


I noticed the following projects are missing po template files (.pot)


And the following projects have .pot file issues:

xfce4-teatime-plugin - it's called teatime-plugin.pot (instead of
xfce4-timer-plugin - it's called xfce4-timer.pot (instead of
libxfce4menu - it's called libxfce4menu-1.0.pot (instead of libxfce4menu.pot)
libexo - it's called libexo-0.3.pot (instead of libexo.pot)
thunar - it's called Thunar.pot (lovely... the germans camelcasing)
xfcalendar - it's called orage.pot (obviously)

The .pot files obviously need to be imported to svn.
But what to do with the inconsistencies with the other 6 projects?

In the new stats page[0], 6 out of 71 projects fail to generate new
.po files because the .pot filename does not match the project name.

Now I could asume that my approach is wrong, which it probably is when
you look at Thunar and orage.
But the .pot files for the other 4 projects are just named weird.

What do you think?



[0] http://mocha.foo-projects.org/~stephan/stats.php

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