[Xfce-i18n] [de] Translation update

Maximilian Schleiss maxschleiss at bluewin.ch
Wed Mar 28 23:00:23 CEST 2007

Nico Schümann a écrit :
> Hey folks,
Hi Nico,

> we, the German translators, have discussed a rather basic translation 
> problem. We've come to a decision and now I updated all German 
> translations consistently.

You sent me a patch with both trees, trunk and 4.4, in one folder. The 
scripts on i18n point out that there should be two separate folders for 
these. Please be sure to create two patches next time, one for trunk and 
the other for the 4.4 branch.

Anyhow, your patch applied successfully.

> Not to get on your nerves, Maximilian, I waited until there was 
> something fuzzy in the trunk-po, which is the case right now.
This is what I am here for ;-)

> So I just attached the patch.
And I committed your changes.

> Regards,
> Nico 

Best regards,

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