[Xfce-i18n] New translators, some information on how to proceed

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at xfce.org
Tue Jun 5 20:31:06 CEST 2007

tegegne tefera wrote:
> I have been in this community only couple of days and raising the 
> fallowing questions probably is too soon. But it is better to raise them 
> than be indifferent.

Very true. Things can only get better if people tell us what they think.

> I have been translating Foss software for many years now. I have used 
> online and offline tools and am the coordinator of the debian installer 
> Amharic translation team and ubuntu Amharic team.
> At debian I had about 7 instructional conversations with the l10n 
> coordinator that took exactly 1 day to get up and running. At the end of 
> the day I was checking out, translating and committing files. Since that 
> day I never had a problem or complaints. That was my first real life svn 
> use.
> What makes the foss community unique as far as I am concerned is it's 
> ability to simplify things so that the most uninformed among them could 
> make significant contribution. What I do is not a brain surgery or a 
> rocket science I know. But it has a great significance in some corner of 
> the world.
>  From the procedures and regulation I sow until now that govern the xfce 
> it seems to me that it is more developer centric.  The instructions 
> above might seem very easy to the developers...but to some of us who 
> just want to translate it might prove to be quite daunting.

We are certainly not intentionally making things difficult ;-) If some 
things are unclear, please ask, so we can try and make things easier.

> xfce's claim to fame is it's simplicity. And that is exactly why i 
> decided to translate it. Let that simplicity be shared by the 
> translators too.
> I hope I am not over stepping but I share my premature feeling with the 
> hope that it would encourage more participation and make good use of the 
> available resources.

Could you please tell us what you think could be organized better, or 
explained better or done differently?

Personally I find the translator website very friendly and helpful
and people like Maximilian are doing an awesome job coordinating 
translations and helping out translators.

I'm sure we are open to all suggestions about how to improve the situation.


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