[Xfce-i18n] Romanian translations for Benny's apps in trunk

Mişu Moldovan dumol at gnome.ro
Sun Jan 21 05:57:47 CET 2007


Attached you'll find updates for the Romanian translation of libexo and
Thunar and a *new* translation for Terminal. If possible, please commit
them before releasing final versions for Xfce 4.4 . Thanks a lot!

In Thunar's strings I have notice a double occurence of a misspelling:
"at least" is spelled "atleast" and that at least twice :)

#: ../thunar/thunar-dbus-service.c:729
msgid "Atleast one filename must be specified"

#: ../plugins/thunar-uca/thunar-uca-editor.c:451
msgid ""
"This page lists the conditions under which the\n"
"action will appear in the file managers context\n"
"menus. The file patterns are specified as a list\n"
"of simple file patterns separated by semicolons\n"
"(e.g. *.txt;*.doc). For an action to appear in the\n"
"context menu of a file or folder, atleast one of\n"
"these patterns must match the name of the file\n"
"or folder. Additionally, you can specify that the\n"
"action should only appear for certain kinds of\n"



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