[Xfce-i18n] Command to poke...

Mişu Moldovan dumol at gnome.ro
Sat Jan 20 20:47:50 CET 2007

În data de 20 Ian 2007 la 20:17:42 +0100 Alexander Toresson a scris:
> Take a look in the readme, it explains what they mean.

Thank you, I found the README eventually and was enlightened but the
issue still remains. How is the average Joe suppose to realize what is
the meaning of those?

Maybe I'm missing something and anyway I'm not sure where are those
string used, I couldn't find them by "poking" with a panel's
options and dialogs.

On the other side, is someone here qualified to give the translators a
more precise deadline for submitting translations. I'm currently
working on the Romanian localization and I intend to finish it before
midnight UTC. Is that OK?


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