[Xfce-i18n] xfcalendar .po files or statistics broken ?

Sylvain Vedrenne gnu_sylvain at xfce.org
Fri Sep 1 23:55:02 CEST 2006


If one does this with the current eo.po (for example) file for
xfcalendar (orage):
% msgfmt -c --statistics --check-accelerators=_ -o /dev/null eo.po
one gets this answer:
512 translated messages, 9 fuzzy translations, 17 untranslated messages.

So why does it seem that the eo.po file is broken on this page?

And most languages seem to have broken .po files for xfcalendar!
I'm counting more than 20 broken .po files: "(error(s) parsing .po
file)", plus almost 20 more showing wrong stats as if their translation
had just begun...

What happened?
What should be done to fix it before RC1... or at least before 4.4 ?
Thanks in advance.


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