[Xfce-i18n] Thunar translations

Benedikt Meurer benny at xfce.org
Sat Mar 4 16:23:49 CET 2006

timystery at arcor.de wrote:
>> I've updated your translations a bit, fixing some logical errors
>> (i.e. Pango is not a markup language). Maybe we can agree on the
>> translations now? ;-)
> thought for the user it might be the easiest way to understand what
> pango might do for him

The information is only visible to developers (it's a description for a
GObject property).

> yes, they are quite well done now, one more thing: don't you want to
> replace the file name string in "Copy file %s"  to »%s« as you do
> with filenames and directories in general (and for those moving,
> linking, ... messages, too)? i'd rather do that both for consistency
> and readability. again your choice.

Yep, will do that.

> fabian ;)

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