[Xfce-i18n] Updated Czech translations (Dec 20th)

Maximilian Schleiss maxschleiss at bluewin.ch
Fri Dec 22 17:44:21 CET 2006

Michal Varady wrote:
> Hi Max,
> I have been thinking about getting an account to be able to commit my 
> translations directly into the svn.
According to this page http://i18n.xfce.org/wiki/language_maintainers 
you should already have commit access?! Did something go wrong in the 
transition between the old maintainer (Alois Nespor) and you? Is 
M.Nespor still translating for Xfce or should this list be updated and 
contain only your name?

> BTW I thought it is easier for people, who put translations into svn, 
> to replace po file with a new one instead of applying patches made by 
> diff...
It is easier to receive a merged patch with all the updates inside so 
the only action would be to copy the patch to the svn directory 
containing the whole tree of modules and apply the patch. This is how 
the work is done the easiest and fastest way, for me at least. An 
example of this is to be seen in the patches the korean translator sends 
in http://foo-projects.org/pipermail/xfce-i18n/2006-December/005304.html.

> Michal


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