[Xfce-i18n] Polish translations update: Orage, libexo

Szymon Kałasz szymon_maestro at gazeta.pl
Mon Aug 28 15:52:06 CEST 2006

Here is polish translations update libexo and orage.

However, I'm not sure if all msgids are correct in orage:
1. #: ../src/appointment.c:1647
   msgid "Use this *is* you want regular repeating event"

Shouldn't it be "Use this *if* you want regular repeating event"?
The next string is "Use this *if* you need complex times...".

2. In "New appointment" window there is a list called "Recurrence"
(in the last tab). It has values: none, daily, weekly, monthly,
yearly. But in two other phrases this field is called "frequency":

  a. #: ../src/appointment.c:1678
     msgid ""
     "Limit frequency to certain interval. For example:\n"
     " Every third day: Frequency = Daily and Interval = 3"

  b. #: ../src/appointment.c:1741
     msgid ""
     "Specify which weekday for monthly and yearly events.\n"
     " For example:\n"
     " Second Wednesday each month:\n"
     "\tFrequency = Monthly,\n"
     "\tWeekdays = cross only Wednesday,\n"
     "\tWhich day = select 2 from the number below Wednesday"

I think it may confuse users.

Sorry if I'm wrong and thanks in advance for commiting attached

Szymon Kałasz
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