[Xfce-i18n] xfmedia string freeze for 0.8.0

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Mon Mar 14 03:24:30 CET 2005

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Hi all,

Sorry for the short notice, but I'm planning on releasing xfmedia 0.8.0
on Wednesday (16 March) at approximately 2100 UTC-8.  At this point,
strings are frozen for the 0.8.0 release, and I'd be grateful if some of
you would consider translating xfmedia into your native language.  I
already have translations for de, fi, fr, pl, pt_BR, and sk (though they
don't appear to be complete).

If you'd like to help out, and your language hasn't been translated yet,
you can grab the .pot file from CVS, or from here:
Translators who have already done some work, please check CVS to make
sure your language is up to date.  (See
http://spuriousinterrupt.org/projects/xfmedia/ for CVS instructions.)

I'd prefer if you post translations to Xfce Bugzilla
(http://bugzilla.xfce.org/), as that's the easiest way for me to keep
track of them (otherwise, my delay time tends to be over a week).
Alternatively, you can email them to me directly at kelnos at xfce.org or
bjt23 at cornell.edu.  Do NOT email them to the xfce-i18n list, as I don't
follow it closely.  And please don't ask for CVS commit access; I'm not
willing to give others access to my home machine.

To be sure that I receive your translation in time, the deadline is 1200
(UTC-8) on Wednesday.  Also be sure that your .po files are in UTF-8.
Again, sorry for the late notice, but I want to get a new release out
before I go on vacation on Thursday.

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