[Xfce-i18n] Esperanto translation (esperanta traduko)

pau at correu.zigazaga.net pau at correu.zigazaga.net
Fri Apr 29 22:28:11 CEST 2005

> Hello Everyone,
Hi dude!

> I'm an enthousiast XFCE and Debian user wishing to start the translation
> of XFCE into Esperanto...
> Could you please show me the best way to start?
> Thanks a lot in advance!

Check this documents:
http://www.xfce.org/index.php?page=developers&lang=en (translation part)

Thus, you should learn to work with .po format. Programs such as kbabel,
poedit or the gettext-el mode for emacs.

Some develope or somebody with svn account (to catch the files is
anonimuos, to upload them you have to login) can tell you if were you
should upload them, but I believe you will have to do it to this list.

      happy translating!

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