[Xfce-i18n] new translation of cs.po

Alois Nešpor Alois.Nespor at seznam.cz
Tue Dec 21 09:13:44 CET 2004

i send new translation of czech language, is complete rewrite or 
translated.It´s first version, so can  have contain  a little bugs.
Please upload. I translate version xfce 4.2.beta/RC1.
Update translation of czech language: libxfcegui, 
xfcalendar,xfce-mcs-manager, xfce-mcs-plugins, xfce-panel, xfce-session, 
xfce-toys ,xfce-trigger-laucher, xfce-utils, xfce4-appfinder, 
xfce4-iconbox, xfce4-mixer, xfdesktop, xffm, xfprint, xfwm.

Best regards,

Alois Nespor
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