[Xfce-i18n] Announcing Pootle: an online translation tool

Dwayne Bailey dwayne at translate.org.za
Thu Dec 16 21:14:54 CET 2004

I think some of you might be interested in this.  Having fallen in love 
with Xfce I hope that the Xfce localisers will find Pootle a useful tool.


Pootle: the online translation and translation management system

The Translate Toolkit team are pleased to announce the availability of
Pootle, an online translation and translation management system.

Pootle aims to help people translate software into their language with
the minimum of fuss while also aiming to help simplify the translation
process for software and translation maintainers.

Using Pootle

Using pootle is simple.  Go to http://pootle.wordforge.org/register.html
and create your translation account.  You may translate online using the
web interface or download files for translation using your existing
translation tools.

Current translation maintainers should please contact us at:

	translate-devel at lists.sourceforge.net

to request that your language and software component be enabled on
Pootle. You will then be able to manage your translation project through

Why do you need Pootle?

If you are a translator Pootle makes it easy to translate software
without you having to learn the intricacies of the tools traditionally
needed to translate Free and Open Source Software. But if you already
use those translation tools Pootle is designed to enhance your
experience and improve your performance.

For language maintainers the evolving feature set will allow you to
target releases, monitor progress and manage your team.

Software maintainers will now find it easy to publish software for
translation and retrieve the translations for inclusion in your next
software release.

Pootle aims to improve and enhance the way you work.

Who built Pootle?

The portal was developed by Translate.org.za through the Translate
Toolkit community.  The development was funded by the CATIA project with
assistance from St James Software.

	CATIA: http://www.catia.ws/
	St James Software: http://www.sjsoft.com/
	Translate.org.za: http://www.translate.org.za/
	Translate Toolkit: http://translate.sourceforge.net/

Pootle embodies the experience of the Translate.org.za project and other
Free Software translation projects including KiLinux and KhmerOS. It
builds on and extends the features of the existing Translate Toolkit.

Pootle is Free Software released under the GPL licence.

What's in a name?

Pootle was a working title that just stuck. If you really must know
where the words comes from then visit:


Bugs, Feature requests, offers of help

Pootle is already used by various Translate.org.za translation teams and
has worked well at translation events held in South Africa.  We do
however expect bugs to surface as more people begin to use the tool.

Please email bug reports and feature requests to the development mailing
list translate-devel at lists.sourceforge.net.

On behalf of the Translate Toolkit team.

Dwayne Bailey <dwayne at translate.org.za>

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