[Xfce-i18n] Norwegian Bokmål

Eskild Hustvedt zerodogg at skolelinux.no
Thu Dec 2 15:57:27 CET 2004

As it seems there is no current maintainer for the Norwegian Bokmål
translations, I'll be doing those. I believe Ted Sola was the previous

First of all I've got a note:
The Norwegian language has two different forms, the one you curently
just call "Norwegian" is Norwegian Bokmål (nb_NO), the files should be
renamed to reflect this.

I'll begin doing some work when someone can confirm that there really is
no current maintainer and hopefully get at least the most important
parts translated before final.
Eskild Hustvedt (Zero_Dogg)
zerodogg [AT] skolelinux [DOT] no

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