[Xfce-i18n] translation stats updated

Brian Tarricone kelnos at dbguin.lunar-linux.org
Tue Aug 24 19:00:12 CEST 2004

hi all-

i've updated the translation statistics at

for those of you who are new here - it's an autogenerated set of web pages 
that details the number (and percent) of strings translated, fuzzy, and 
untranslated in each module/language of xfce cvs.  there's a section for 
the 4.0 branch (there may not be another release from that, and if htere 
is, there will probably only be one more) and for HEAD, which is going to 
become 4.2.  when we branch for 4.2, i'll add a specific section for that 

anyway, you can click on specific modules to see how complete the 
translations are for different languages, or you can click on languages to 
get stats for each xfce module in a single list.  hopefully you'll find it 
useful.  the stats should now autoupdate once every 24 hours (starting 
about now).  if they don'e seem to be updating, let me know, and i'll try 
to fix it.


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