[Xfce-i18n] Updated zh_TW translation and CJK patch (and nominal updates for ja and zh_CN)

Ambrose Li acli at ada.dhs.org
Sat Aug 7 03:42:52 CEST 2004


sorry to not have sent this earlier. umm asked me to help in
the traditional Chinese translation several months ago.

Attached please find

1. a patch for xfce4-panel/plugins/clock/clock.c that is required
   to allow the clock to display a meaningful date for Chinese,
   Japanese, and Korean

2. a tar.gz file containing

   (a) the updated traditional Chinese translation

   (b) a nominally updated simplified Chinese translation with

       (i) changes resulting from 1 above, and

       (ii) replacement of a Polish (?) string with a Chinese string

   (c) a nominally updated Japanese translation with

       (i) a change resulting from 1 above, and

       (ii) removal of 1 fuzzy which resulted from a minor punctuation

These should be applied to the XFCE_4_0 branch.

Best regards,
Ambrose LI Cheuk-Wing  <a.c.li at ieee.org>


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