[Xfce-bugs] [Bug 16688] Freeze new copy where source or target device is shared with another running one

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Sun May 17 23:33:32 CEST 2020


--- Comment #15 from Cyrille Pontvieux <jrd at enialis.net> ---
Well it's not that simple:
- `thunar_file_is_local` simply checks whether the scheme is `file://` or not.
It just excludes any `http://`, and the like, schemes.
- `G_FILE_ATTRIBUTE_FILESYSTEM_USE_PREVIEW` is queried over the filesystem. But
from what I checked with the thumbnail setting, it still builds thumbnails for
any images I have on my USB key, despite I checked « only for local files ».
That means that `G_FILESYSTEM_PREVIEW_TYPE_IF_LOCAL` is probably returned for
my USB key even if it's not really « local ».

So I'm not sure that any of these settings will apply correctly to copy in
sequences when using a slow USB key/disk.
It will probably work for copying over the network (like sshfs, nfs, …).

The checks for the device id still seams a better option.

The only drawback seems when doing multiple copying from and to a fast disk,
like an internal SSD.
One way to fix this would be to allow parallel copies when source and
destination device ids are the same.
Not sure how to display this as an understandable option…

By the way, I think that the thumbnail option might benefit from any finding
here for what is really a « local file ».

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