[Xfce-bugs] [Bug 16688] Freeze new copy where source or target device is shared with another running one

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--- Comment #13 from alexxcons <alexxcons at xfce.org> ---
I just played a bit with the new feature, very nice !

IMO it fixes what was requested in Bug #12123 / is a duplicate, though I dont
want to close it as a dup. since there is a bounty of 100$ on it:
... after pushing it, it's up to Beron to decide if Bug #12123 got fixed by it
/ you get that reward  :)

I am a bit unhappy with the preferences:
If I copy some files from my ssd to my ssd, I would like to have parallel copy
as default --> untick both
If I copy some big files from my flashdrive to my ssd, I would need t tick "one
transfer per source device" 
If I copy some big files from my ssd to my flashdrive, I would need t tick "one
transfer per target device" 

So I would need to toggle these bits very often, whenever I copy many files
to/from my USB drive. That's not very comfortable.

The author of Bug #12577 mentioned that he would like to have queued file
transfer only for block devices ... while I am not so sure what exactly is a
block-device, and what is not, I can get his point.

Possibly we could use "thunar_file_is_local" to identify if it makes sense to
enable queued mode.
We could have a nice preferences setting with it by using an enum:

Transfer files in parallel:  [ Always | only for local files | Never ]
... actually the same like for "show thumbnails". You probably can copy the

You think that would make sense ?
Or possibly there is some gain to separate sources from targets, which I dont
get ?

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