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--- Comment #1 from afdw <afdw at yandex.ru> ---
I think I have finally understood the problem here.

I suppose is it a use after free. So here is what I think happens:
1. The Queue method of Tumbler is called:
2. It returns 0, which is wrong
3. This causes the `job->handle` field to remain at 0:
4. Next, some other job starts, but does not receive a handle yet. This results
in 2 jobs having their `job->handle` field set to 0
5. During this time, the job with handle 0 finishes executing, so it gets
deallocated (`handle` function argument here is 0):
But instead of real job with the handle 0, the one started on step 4 is found
(one without a handle assigned), so it gets deallocated
6. Enqueuing of the second job finally finishes: 
But this job is already deallocated on step 4
7. So already freed memory is accessed and everything goes wrong
I am not sure if these steps are exactly correct.

Here is how it looks in the debugger: after setting these breakpoints in GDB
(line numbers as of Thunar commit 112a0753c90a0fe5259f540cf0d6b5fc262bca82):
> break thunar-thumbnailer.c:330
> command
> silent
> printf "thunar_thumbnailer_queue_async_reply: %p\n", job
> continue
> end
> break thunar-thumbnailer.c:865
> command
> silent
> printf "thunar_thumbnailer_thumbnailer_finished: %p %d\n", job, job->handle
> continue
> end
> break thunar-thumbnailer.c:306
> command
> silent
> printf "thunar_thumbnailer_free_job: %p\n", job
> continue
> end
This is a possible output:
> thunar_thumbnailer_thumbnailer_finished: 0x555555a12e40 0
> thunar_thumbnailer_free_job: 0x555555a12e40
> thunar_thumbnailer_queue_async_reply: 0x555555a12e40
> (thunar:1339130): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: 00:09:57.296: invalid uninstantiatable type '(null)' in cast to 'ThunarThumbnailer'
> (thunar:1339130): thunar-CRITICAL **: 00:09:57.296: thunar_thumbnailer_queue_async_reply: assertion '(((__extension__ ({ GTypeInstance *__inst = (GTypeInstance*) ((thumbnailer)); GType __t = ((thunar_thumbnailer_get_type ())); gboolean __r; if (!__inst) __r = (0); else if (__inst->g_class && __inst->g_class->g_type == __t) __r = (!(0)); else __r = g_type_check_instance_is_a (__inst, __t); __r; }))))' failed

I am not really sure not to reproduce the issue, but what I did was
repetitively navigating between folders with many files in Thunar and
terminating Tumbler; this way the chance of reproducing was fairly high.

I think that just making Tumbler follow the specification should be enough to
fix this issue, so here is the bug report (fix included):

Hopefully, all of this makes some sense.

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