[Xfce-bugs] [Bug 15059] New: Thunar crash due to passing null to strcmp()

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            Bug ID: 15059
           Summary: Thunar crash due to passing null to strcmp()
    Classification: Xfce Core
           Product: Thunar
           Version: 1.6.15
          Hardware: PC (x86_64)
                OS: FreeBSD
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: Medium
         Component: General
          Assignee: xfce-bugs at xfce.org
          Reporter: madpilot at FreeBSD.org
                CC: benny at xfce.org, hjudt at xfce.org
  Target Milestone: 1.8.3

Created attachment 8252
  --> https://bugzilla.xfce.org/attachment.cgi?id=8252&action=edit
proposed patch


In the FreeBSD thunar port (which I maintain) I'm including the attached patch.

I created it to solve a user bug report you can view here:


The second attachment there, shows the crash in strcmp(), further investigation
in gdb let me discover NULL was being passed to it sometimes.

My patch replaces NULL unsafe strcmp() calls with g_strcmp0() calls which don't
crash when being passed NULLs.

This actually solved the problem here. I'm sorry I don't have much more
evidence, and producing it now would be cumbersome, but I could do that if
strictly required and given some time to collect it.

Hope this patch can be included.

Please note that I'm setting the affected version to 1.6.15 since I tested
there, but I see the same code in 1.8.2 so I assume the problem persists there.

I'm anyway in the process of setting up an environment to test XFCE 4.13, so
I'll know for sure once done.

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