[Xfce-bugs] [Bug 13697] Right-click menu immediately chooses an option on certain themes

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Fri Jan 18 04:22:29 CET 2019


--- Comment #2 from Jay <jaymot at juno.com> ---
(In reply to Jay from comment #1)
> I can confirm this issue though I haven't personally noticed that it's
> theme-dependent. It may very well be though. In any case it happens with the
> Adapta theme. 
> I have found that if I adjust my mouse's behavior and decrease the
> double-click time the issue happens less frequently, and if I increase my
> double-click time it happens more frequently. It only happens in Thunar, and
> only happens in detailed view. Changing mice doesn't make any difference. It
> happens around once every 50 right-click actions on average, and as I said
> can be made to happen more often, up to perhaps once every 10 times, by
> increasing the mouse's double-click time.
> Examples: right-clicking on an archive opens the Extract To right-click menu
> action. Right-clicking on a folder causes the Create Archive action to
> launch. It seems to be whatever item on the right-click menu that is just to
> the immediate right of the mouse cursor that is run.

I forgot to mention, this is in MX Linux version 18 Continuum.

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