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--- Comment #2 from Simon Dedman <simondedman at gmail.com> ---
Cheers for the quick reply.

1. I was just going off the github page rather than the source/zip, so it's
interesting that the install file on the page doesn't get bundled into the
source. Presumably this is the underlying cause of the same problem at

2. I unpacked the git.xfce 1.8.9 tar.gz to it's own folder in home (i.e.
home/me/thunar-1.8.9), opened a terminal there and did autogen/make/install, so
no chance I installed the wrong thing, it's more whether the tar.gz install
would go somewhere other than where the git install did? git install was
downloaded and unpacked to home/me/thunar-master and installed with autogen/etc
as well.

I'll give the git pull approach a try asap... though I'm now interested to know
if I somehow have both 1.8.5git and 1.8.9 installed simultaneously...!


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