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--- Comment #2 from Robby Workman <rw at rlworkman.net> ---
Dr. Gilbert and I have been rambling on IRC about this a bit.
The passphrase window grabs input and (tries to grab) focus; I can change
virtual desktops but cannot select a region outside the dialog box on the same
virtual desktop.
If I use gigolo to open the crypt device, all is well - the dialog it spawns is
the same as the polkit-gnome dialog (which is NOT what pops up the passphrase
entry window when opening the encrypted device from the desktop icon).
If I unlock it from within Thunar itself, i.e. the sidebar, it spawns the
polkit-gnome dialog and all is well.

I've built and tested this with gvfs as far back as 1.36.0, which is what I was
using with Xfce 4.12; with that setup then, unlocking a crypt device did NOT
cause the problem we're seeing here. However, with Xfce-4.14 and gvfs-1.36.0,
the problem *does* exist, which makes me think that gvfs isn't the culprit

It seems that something changed with respect to how the new window is
raised/lowered/managed/whatever in Xfce 4.14 - not sure if xfdesktop is somehow
to blame, but it seems more likely to be xfwm4.

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