[Xfce-bugs] [Bug 15727] Replacing a file via Cut and Paste in the same filesystem makes a copy

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--- Comment #9 from alexxcons <alexxcons at xfce.org> ---
Ah, sorry, wait, think there is still something to do.

Reading the code, If the code path of the "fallback copy and delete" should be
reached, than a second "thunar_job_ask_replace" dialog will be spawned for the
same file ... I guess we should prevent that in some way.
So far I did not find a way to test that code path .. tried via triggering
G_IO_ERROR_NO_SPACE on my full flashdrive, but without success ... any ideas ?

Though I am not sure if we need that fallback at all. Currently we are just
using the fallback on all other G_IO_ERROR errors.
Instead it would be good to check on which G_IO_ERROR the fallback makes sense
(If at all).

Nautilus in addition to G_IO_EXISTS checks for G_IO_WOULD_RECURSE /

On any other error, it cancels the operation and just shows the error.
On G_IO_WOULD_RECURSE / G_IO_WOULD_MERGE nautilus does as well remove the
target and copy (or move?) ... possibly that would be the right trigger for the
fallback copy ?

I guess we should as well do something meaningfull on G_IO_CANCELLED.

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