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--- Comment #7 from Daniel Fishman <quantera at gmail.com> ---
Following a discussion with the bug's reporter on xfce forum
(https://forum.xfce.org/viewtopic.php?pid=53821), it may be that the following
observed behaviour is related to the bug:

I have an application shortcut which is bound to a command
'xfce4-popup-applicationsmenu'. Before an upgrade to 4.14, it worked as
expected - it poped up an application menu on the same place on the screen
where the application menu would have appeared had I clicked an 'Application
Menu' button on a panel with the left mouse button. After an upgrade though, it
usually runs a command 'xfdesktop --menu' instead. To be more precise,
immediately after logging in when I use the shortcut it usually pops up an
application menu. After the shortcut is used once or twice (each use is
separated by an action which closes the application menu - for example by
pressing 'Esc'. Also, number of times the shortcut should be used till the
problem starts occurring is not deterministic and change all the time - may be
once or twice, may be more), the following press does not pop up an application
menu, but causes the application menu button to appear pressed (become
'depressed'), and to stay appear pressed from now on (that is, pressing 'Esc'
doesn't change the button's appearance). Then all the following attempts to use
the shortcut pop up the same menu which appears when a command 'xfdesktop
--menu' is ran. This continues to happen until the application menu button is
clicked with the left mouse button - this action pops up application menu.
After application menu disappears (for example, if 'Esc' is pressed),
application menu stops appearing pressed. If shortcut is pressed again on this
stage, the whole cycle described above repeats itself.

The same problem happens if shortcut key bound to the command is changed,
deleting/recreating the shortcut does not help.

Some of this problem is clear, because a shell script
xfce4-popup-applicationsmenu runs the following command:

/usr/bin/xfce4-panel --plugin-event=applicationsmenu:popup:bool:$ATPOINTER ||
xfdesktop --menu

In other words, a wrong menu is popped up because the command
'/usr/bin/xfce4-panel --plugin-event=applicationsmenu:popup:bool:$ATPOINTER'
fails. The matter is, that if the command is ran manually from cli (with
$ATPOINTER replaced by 'false') in a state when application menu is not
depresses, then the command always succeeds and an application menu is always
popped up (if application menu is already depressed as the result of using a
shortcut as described above, then the command from cli fails with a return code
'1' and application menu is not popped up). If I try to bind shortcut key
immediately to the command '/usr/bin/xfce4-panel
--plugin-event=applicationsmenu:popup:bool:false' instead of to
'xfce4-popup-applicationsmenu', then even if I try to use the shortcut in a
state when application menu key is not depressed, the problem occurs
(application menu becomes depressed and no application menu pops up). In other
words, something is going wrong with the command only when it is executed via a
shortcut key. As far as I see, a command fails because a function
'panel_dbus_client_plugin_event' fails (function's return value is 1, while 
remote_succeed is 0).

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