[Xfce-bugs] [Bug 15758] Quit confirmation message when multiple tabs are open

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--- Comment #14 from alexxcons <alexxcons at xfce.org> ---
Nice collection, and thanks for the summery !

I agree with you, I as well like B and C the most.  Sadly A is a bit huge with
the centered icon. I bet the terminal maintainer would refuse to replace his
nice dialog with our unlovely libxfce4ui version :P

Since our options regarding libxfce4ui are not that nice, maybe we should split
the whole "project" into steps ( Sorry I was the one asking to have the dialog
in libxfce4ui directly .. looks like I was to hasty with this request )

Possibly we could do it like that:
1) For the first keep it simple, and just use B to resample the xfce4terminal
dialog in thunar (We could take the patch you provided, think it just needs
some cosmetics: use scpaces instead of tabs )
2) After that, we could open a new bug for libxfce4ui, e.g. "Unification of
close multi tab dialog", where we can discuss further proceedings. 
(E.g. we could discuss additional parameters for xfce_message_dialog_new to get
the possibility to add icon horizontally )

I think it would be nice to already have 1) in place before opening 2) .. so we
directly have something to point at.
Since for 2) some more people will need to agree on, it probably will take long
to get it done.

If you like, I could open 2) after we pushed the dialog to thunar, and invite
the relevant people to take a look at it.
If you already have a patch for xfce4ui (A), it would be great if you could
upload it there, when it is open.

You think such a proceeding would make sense ?

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